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Come on,Change this WRONG PHILOSOPHIES !!

```Whatever will be will not be; you have to make it be. You have a part to play in what will be in your life, so don't leave it to chance.```
```Why settle for half bread when you can get  a full bread or even own a bakery. This is a limiting belief that positions you to settle for less and it is a mediocre philosophy.```
```A fool at any age can be a fool forever if he refuses to let go of his foolishness. It is never too late to become wise because the day you wake up and wise up is the day you CHANGE!```
```Yes! Physical fingers in your hands are not equa…

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Don't miss a chance to do Good or being Good yourself

No matter who you are, how experienced you are, and how knowledgeable you think you are, always delay judgement.

Give others the privilege to explain themselves.

What you see may not be the reality and Never conclude for others.

Which is why we should never only focus on the surface and judge others without understanding them first.

Those who like to pay the bill, do so not because they are loaded but because they value friendship above money.

Those who take the initiative at work, do so not because they are stupid but because they understand the concept of responsibility.

Those who apologize first after a fight, do so not because they are wrong but because they value the people around them.

Those who are willing to help you, do so not because they owe you anything but because they see you as a true friend.

Those who often text you, do so not because they have nothing better to do but because you are in their heart.

Those who take out time to chat with you does not mean they are jobl…

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For the love of Humanity๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž

GIVE . SAVE .little spending๐Ÿ‘€

If you have a daughter, girlfriend or a sister who's grown, always check on them. Give them money now and then to buy pads, under wears, and maybe toiletries. Females sometimes would never ask for these things from us, but they genuinely need them. They might ask from the wrong persons.

If you have friends/relations who are students, call them sometimes, check on them. If you have #500 or #1000  give them. Life as a student sometimes gets really tough. Your kind gestures to them, goes a long way in helping them keep to a positive line.

Men, if you have friends who are currently jobless, call them sometimes in solidarity. When going for a hair cut or shave sometimes,make them come along to get a hair cut or shaved too, while you pay.

When recharging your phone, do recharge theirs too.  It may be nothing to you but sure means a lot to a jobless or poor fellow. Their ego wouldn't allow them to ask for it.

When your friends are into business, patron…

Don't ever look down on yourself

" We can look up at people who outperform us and we can look down at people to whom we feel superior.  Whether we look up or peer down has critical implications for both our life satisfaction and our motivation.  Looking up makes us feel worse, but can motivate us to strive harder. Looking down makes us feel good, but can lead to complacency.  Thus, social comparisons have the potential to motivate us to perform better but feel worse. Or perform poorly and feel great. In order to thrive in life, we need to find a balance between feeling good about ourselves while feeling motivated to perform well."  ~Adam Galinsky Do you agree? #courageoushuman 


To -Do-list Tips

Unable to focus & get things done? Always Forgetful?

 Here are a few things i do when i find myself unable to concentrate or focus during the day or forgetful and to boost my overall productivity and performance and ensure I am checking off the important tasks on my to-do list.

One thing I have learnt about myself is that, I forget a lot even to a fault if i should add but am working on it, infact that is why i always carry a small dairy everywhere. ...

I write down all the things am supposed to do that day and then I do it.

 1. I make sure I do one task at a time and finish it before I embark on a new one .

2. I have a priority list which I stick to, I eliminate all distractions and only have things open or around me that will contribute to me completing the task I am working on.

3. I always have a little reward to look forward to celebrate the tasks I complete - it does not matter how small or what it is, it could be that i will watch a tv series or play music, take a nap  (Sle…

Letting Go

Letting Go Especially, when it comes to things you are used to doing, It is always difficult because you ponder:- When did you start? - How far have you come? - What has it cost you? You want to let go definitely but the courage is not there.The fear descends upon you suddenlyYou are caught between the choices. What will you do next? Dodge the future or face it? Step into courage or back away? What about the outcome?  Unknown How can you trust yourself and move on? That's the thought and story that fills your head, That is okay dear, you are HUMAN, Embrace it.
One thing I've learned in life is that change is not easy, yet inevitable. Change has to happen whether you want it or not We change to continue living, What do you want to let go? The hurt, The regret & pain, The fear, The excuses, The unforgivable, The toxic emotions.
Letting go is not weak or a sign of vulnerability, but it is the courage to choose freedom above every other thing. Change may be hard but remaining…

Its a Joke

LL.B. Class:

​Professor​: "If you have to give an orange to me, what will you say?"

​Student​: ๐Ÿ˜"Take this orange."

​Prof​: ๐Ÿ˜ก"No. Say it like a lawyer would."

​Student​: "I, Tina, Daughter  of Immaculate  residening in Mangalore, Karnataka  do hereby solemnly affirm & voluntarily & consciously declare out of my volition & without any fear or favour or pressure or undue influence, that I'm giving this fruit called 'orange' on which I have absolute right, title and interest, along with its peel, juice, seed and pulp.
I am also giving you absolute and unqualified right and interest to cut, peel, store in freeze or eat it.
You will also have the right to give this along with its peel, juice, seed or pulp to any one whosoever.
I further declare that I will be solely responsible and liable for any dispute till today pertaining to this orange. And after this conveyance today, my relationship with this orange will cease to exist.&q…

I love you DAD

I know Fathers are understanding and they don't get as much love as they deserve.
Their hard work is seldom acknowledged, simply because we think it's their responsibility, why then do we need to applaud a father for doing his duty.
Rather often than not we are angry at them for reasons we think holds water, I also understand that my father is my father and there is nothing I can do to change that.
However, there is something that I and you can change....what is that? Our relationship with our father, fathers are tough because that's what the society has told them to be.
Sometimes they want a huge, they want to scream, cry or get attention but we are usually carried away.
The impression we have about our fathers has informed our opinions and subsequently how we treat them.
Remembering the prodigal son? Every father is that kind and forgiving but we don't expect them to act in some way so they try to maintain the standards.
We always blow vuvuzelas about how some mother…

Everyday gives a new start

I've always viewed life from the side lines,
Just watching it passing me by,
In the past too afraid to just let go and live,
And lately too tired to try.

I've envied the people around me,
So invested in living each day,
While I spent my time hiding out from the world,
And searching for ways to escape.

For most of my life, I truly believed,
I was here to help somebody else,
But now it's so clear it was just an excuse.
To avoid living life for myself.

It's sad that our lives and the pain we endure,
Can weaken our strength to move on,
But if we get lost in the scars of our past,
Without knowing our lives will be gone.

It's true people are disappointing,
They can turn in the blink of an eye,
But we can't avoid hurting each other,
When we all want a chance at this life.

But there's something I've learned through the wisdom of age,
A truth about all of our lives,
And that is no matter what path we each take,
In the end, we just want to survive.

So the time h…

Make your choice

Choice is a beautiful thing, Find and know your true self every day else you will be lost.
Propel yourself forward with direction, else you will be controlled by distraction.
Cheer yourself up, otherwise, sadness might just take over and reign all day.
Look forward to being resilient, a step at a time, when life happens Don't get stuck.
 Navigate your emotions or situations will start to take over your ways.
Enrich your mind so you can live your dreams.
Embrace all beauty. Big and small, Adopt seeing the world without evaluation.
Define your wealth yourself or the world will make you view life like you are poor.
Set your priorities right if you want to live life without worries.
Live with zero expectations and you will hardly experience disappointment.
Do what your heart believes or you might end up regretting too many things.
No matter how many people love you, none of them can live your life for you.
Life is personal, it is a choice.Be or lose,
There are more choices available …

Become the person you've been looking for

Become the person you`ve been looking for.

It is said: "Your capacity to love others is limited only by your capacity to love yourself.Anyone that knows me, knows I love poems, images, songs and words used to uplift and motivate. I found this video by Adam Roa, i think you should wattch it, it truly touched me to the core of my soul.
As I go about teaching people how they can understand emotions and use them as tools to bring about change in their lives, I become aware of the inner-chatter humans listen to all day long.
Too often we don`t see or know ourselves.Too often we are not resilient enough to face things from outside Too often we are searching for something outside to fill or ease the pain of the void we feel We need to start treating ourselves with more compassion, practice more self-observation to course-correct and do the work - inner work - to become the person we want to be.
Appreciate yourself ,Love yourself, Encourage yourself, See yourself Reach for help ,Those f…

Dear friends

Dear friends
Friendship isn't about who you`ve known the longest. It`s about who walked into your life and said: "I`m here for you and proved it." - Unknown
Have you ever witnessed friendship turn family? This is something I have come to cherish, and am glad to expand my family every day.
When things get tough and rough, a new understanding of a friend evolves as they appear.
They make good times better and hard times easier.
A true friend indeed. You accept each other's flaws and focus more on each other`s strength.
Sometimes you disagree and even if silence follows, you conclude with time, you don`t want to do without each other.
"Friendship is grounded in a feeling that you know exactly who will be there for you when you need something, no matter what or when .” ~ Simon Sinek

When you are in extreme pain on a sick bed, and many stayed away, you open your eyes and see just one person beside you who smiled at you and said: It is all well, I remember that day, …


Let Life race you out your FEARS

 let life race you out beyond your own boundaries over and over again,until you are comfortable with watching the map of normal’s edge disappear behind you.

Let Life show you that it is safe to exceed your own expectations and reputation and prove that the only danger in following her into the wilderness is a loss of your own fear.

This is when we gain the warrior’s heart, the master’s eye, and the student’s mind. After that, Life holds our hand in every adventure and shows us things not possible before. ― Jacob Nordby

In love but no leg

I lost my leg when I was 19.
 I was dating a girl at that time and we were very much in love. After a while, she suddenly decided to move abroad, claiming that she wanted to earn some money for us.
 I wanted to believe her, but was convinced that she was lying. I told her we needed to break up and that it would be better for her. One month later, my doorbell rang.
I took my crutches, opened the door and there she was. I didn’t even manage to get a word out before she slapped me and I fell down. She kneeled down beside me, hugged me and said, “You’re an idiot! I didn’t run away from you. We’re going to the hospital tomorrow and there’s a prosthesis waiting for you. I went abroad to earn money so you’ll be able to walk again — do you understand?”
 I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I couldn’t utter a single word — I just hugged her tightly and cried.

About me

About Me
Welcome to my little world, Follow me and Feel free to leave your comments! Well, am sure you would want to know a little about me. I'm Justina, you can call me Justin or Tina, a student, I love telling stories, encouraging people, putting a smile on the faces of people I come across and I joke a lot too. My quote " baby steps all the way" I enjoy connecting with different people through my writing and am excited to meet many more. Here are a few ways to get in touch, don’t hesitate, please.

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Thank You Guys

This is to say a big thank you to all my Follower I just clicked 50+Folllowers...thanks a lot
And a Happy New Month too,I really do appreciate this a lot. Thanks

 I will be gone for this whole month due to Exams but trust me Next months it's going to be breath taking...
Do stay healthy and happy, till then, take care.

Love is an Action word, #Verb#

Gassama is the name of the man that rescued a four years old boy from falling to his death from the balcony of a tall building in Paris, France.

 He had gone to watch football in a restaurant near the building when he heard people shouting. Soon as he realized what was happening, he went straight ahead to save the boy. Watching the video, it was like a movie, he climbed the balconies from the first to the fourth floor like he was Spiderman.

 And before anyone could say 'Jackie Robinson' he saved the little child from falling. After the event, when he was interviewed he said, " I did what I did because I love children and I wouldn't want one to get hurt in front of me."

Despite being an immigrant who was reportedly living in Paris illegally, Gassama came out of hiding to save the life of the little boy. His act of courage and kindness led him to meet the President and he was made a citizen of France.

 Never let your circumstance determine how you live your life. …

Advice to give your younger self๐Ÿ˜‰ by Omozua Ameze. I

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How To prepare Fried plantain and Egg sauce the best way!

Hello viewers

Happy sunday and i do hope you are having a splendid Day?
Below is the link video on How to prepare the Dish.

This Tutorial is about showing you How to Prepare the Meal Above


2kg of Plantain
Groundnut oil
Egg 6
Tomato 5
Maggi Cube 2
Salt (to your taste) I used 3 pinch
Pepper 1spoon
 onion 1

You can prepare this within half an hour and can be servedone with juice....and drink

Fried rice picture๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜›

This is what it looks like at the end of the day...yummy right...try it at will love it

Purple Fiction on D.V

Hello readers,

 My friend and I decided to have lunch outside today .....when we got there the place was quit calm and peaceful ,
we happened to be the first customer and so we sat down while we waited for the menu,  Not too long the waitress came up to us to ask what we wanted.

Waitress: Good afternoon , what will you be having ?

Me: hmmm....I will have Mix Noddles

My friend: the same thing she is having (with a smile)

Me:how long will it take please?

Waitress: 5 minutes tops (she smiled)

Me:okay ,please hurry am really hungry

(My friend tapped me on my hands and laughed)

My friend:calm down ,she already said 5mins tops ...chill jor


My friend: less I forget, how far have you gone on your blog, I visited and I find it interesting

ME:really? Thanks, its just something I do to spend quality time on, instead of Gossiping  ( we both laughed )
Anyway it's been interesting too for me because I never thought I could do it , I pray and hope to be very frequent on it and also get …

Yummy Fried rice

How to cook Fried rice
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Fried Rice is a delicious dish popularly served at most Nigerian parties


Basmati rice
6 piece of live chicken
1/2 kg of Liver
Groundnut oil
4 onion
1/2 kg of Carrot
Green pepper
Green beans
Green peas
Maggi cubes
Red pepper  (I like lots of pepper's optional)
Curry and tyme
Enjoy friends..DM ๐Ÿ’Œincase you need more explanation


Fresh Strawberry Butter

Preparation Time
5 mins

Total Time
5 mins

A simple recipe for fresh strawberry butter. This sweet flavored butter is light and fluffy and is perfect for all kinds of quick breads, sweet rolls or croissants. Only 3 ingredients and 5 minutes is all it takes to make it!

Course: Condiment
Servings: 1 Small Jar (¾ Cup)
Calories: 80 kcal

8-10 Fresh Strawberries , at room temperature (100g)
4 tbsp Powdered Sugar
1 stick Unsalted Butter , at room temperature (110g)
In a bowl, beat the butter with sugar until creamy.
Cut the strawberries into tiny pieces and add them into the bowl. Mix them for a minute or two or until the strawberries have colored the butter pink.

Recipe Notes

Powdered sugar (US) = Icing sugar (UK).
The butter cannot be substituted with margarine or any other butter substitutes.
Store sealed in a jar in your fridge.
Let it come to room temperature before serving.
I don’t recommend using food processor here as the butter and st…

OMG! Popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji has confirmed she’s pregnant and is 5 months gone.The Banana Island based blogger

Popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji has confirmed she’s pregnant and is 5 months gone. The Banana Island based blogger shared the big news on her blog on Sunday afternoon. The man she’s pregnant for remains unknown but Linda is said to be engaged.
Read her story....

2018 started with me finding out I was pregnant. When I missed my period and my friend and I did a home pregnancy test and it read positive, my friend began to cry with happiness but I was just there staring at the stick like, you’re not messing with me, are you?

 This is real and not a joke on me, right? I refused to believe it and asked my friend to drive me to a lab for another test. And there it was confirmed, I was pregnant. Me, Linda, I am going to have my own child. Please don’t wake me up from this lovely
So many women have had children, so what’s the big deal, huh? Lol. We

ll, you see me, I’m somewhat of a different case. There’s something about me that I have never talked about publicly before and th…


Am still wondering what happened to our IG, it's his village people hand work๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

The Gist on Domestic Violence Episode 2


He didn’t come to my house again after that – I think he was scared about my parents calling the police. But for a while he kept turning up after school, and would come up to me and either shout at me, or plead with me. I’d told a few school friends, and they were really good about it actually. It was such a relief to tell people, I felt so much stronger. My friends helped me by looking out for me to see if he was waiting for me, and they stood around if he tried to talk to me. They hung around until he left. Sometimes I felt really guilty or sorry for him when he was hanging around, but then I just thought about how stressed he’d made me feel, how he had tried to manipulate me and dominate my life, and I felt angry at him. Feeling angry helped me keep away from him. After a few weeks he sort of gave up on trying to get at me. I think he knew he couldn’t get to me as much since I told my friends and my parents, and he knows I’m pretty determined to keep him away.…