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poem: I love you

I’ve been thinking of a way to say this to you I’d be emphatic but my hands are weary and my words are few I have knelt and asked God for help, to show me what I must do I know it might be a little unusual and it’s okay if you think me a fool Ask me again; I love you! I am deeply sorry for taking so long I felt I had a whole life ahead for I was so young I realize only now that I have been so wrong And all we have is right now to sing our song Ask me again, I love you! I have always loved you but I never said so Perhaps I was terrified that my head might say no But this amorous vessel is ours alone to row And I have always done my bit, though you may not know Ask me again, I love you!
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Memories: Everything I never want to forget

Memories, Everything I never want to forget "When you lose someone that you love, you choose memories, painful as they may be over no memory at all" .    In a world filled with pain, a daughter to a father who never cared and a mother who didn't listen fell in love with a man who promised a world of chaos, leaving her with a child he never planned to father.  Seven months leading to Sophie's birth, she listed all that she would do to make sure her life was as adventurous as the spring weather.     If she only knew that genetics was a boogeyman man waiting for her in the eighth month, quietly making a case to make sure her plans of it just Me and Sophie in the world would never materialize.     Weeks to the beginning of a planned-out story of Me and Sophie vs the world complications came along and on reaching the hospital she was told that Sophie had already died.     She asked, did I move my body in the wrong way?    What did I do wrong? She tho


Happy 27th Anniversary Mr and Mrs Ariguzo Mum and Dad As children, we often take for granted the many years of love and care we received from you.  Many of these memories, of our lives, may not even remember.  The sleepless nights, the countless diaper changes, our first steps, our first words… you even taught us how to use a spoon! We won’t say that we never felt grateful or that we never said “thank you” or “we appreciate you”.  But we did say those things. However, we haven’t always told you all the things we are grateful for. So, on this 18th wedding anniversary, on behalf of my siblings and I, we would like to share with you, some of the many things we are forever thankful for. Dear Mom and Daddy, Thank you for the big things… Thank you for preparing beautiful, well-balanced meals for us every night. Thank you for putting clothes on my back and creating a beautiful, loving home for us to live in. Thank you though It’s hard in today’s society to find a couple tha


I was done with my exams, and I couldn’t wait to travel, there were states In India I was yet to visit, so I decided to visit Delhi the capital of India for a few months. The first thing I noticed was the fact that men here are unusually friendly and you will get to see that the number of Nigerian men here is higher than that of the women. I settled in pretty much sooner than I thought, I also got used to the apartment where I stayed, It all started that evening, I and a few ladies from the neighbourhood decided to go to a party, a nightclub. I was excited because I haven't been to any nightclub since I knew myself...  the ladies invited me to tag along.. .. I felt safe and excited to go with them. Below is the dialogue we had while in the car, I sat in front by the right-hand side while the ladies sat at the back of the cab. Faith: babe? Madam is asking me for the remaining money and I don’t have it yet, I just hope 3that the client that would approach me would

Maybe I'm Wrong

Maybe I'm wrong about my decisions and I shouldn't have listened to a multitude of counsels. But there's safety in hearing from others about how they dealt with or approach their experiences.  Read more clicks There's no love lost, but there's me being lost in love, and it sounds unethical that I could write such a sentence. I still love you from the depth of my heart but the reality is dawning right in front of my eyes that this is not a reciprocated love. So, I have cold feet to run towards you and cold hands to embrace you or even to call you.  In My Feelings But my heart yearns for your presence, and the warmth your voice brings to me. You're certainly the one I'd love to spend every day with because my prayer is found in you. But my head or should I say,  my mind is doing something again and again and then expecting a different result altogether.  It's a story This is how most people feel today because our generation tends to associ

Hear Me.... I Hear You

I hear you,  Your chants of ample wealth and riches Your will to be sober with the grim-faced paupers I hear you Click It is a fine gesture is it not? The acute concern for Africa’s south to north  I’ve heard of their great exploits in my lands And my people are no less grateful for these aides Click 2 But you have in the name of grants Fraught our shores with incredulity You hide behind care’s bark And wipe your dusty feet in our capitals  Click 3 Now my people are branded with vile names My lands, how grand is now but samples These places are centres for charity And I wonder does it ever reach parity?   Click 4 Dignity integrity honour My people have lost a lot of it We are far from remission as now Today and tomorrow as each day passes I hear you, your bickers And sarcastic mutters Your funny whispers And confabulations, I hear you Our allegiance lies with our hearts My people will not be servitude to your tact We know your stories too Humb

In My Feelings.... (State of Mind)

I'm in over my head and possibly out of my league. I have become very cautious with my words, every sentence should make perfect sense, have the right rhythm and sound intriguing to perfectly explain how I feel without being impulsive or becoming too pesty.  Click 1 I'm not feeling it, but I know the feeling, I'm not seeing it but I know how beautiful it is. I can't hold it but I know it is the most tangible asset. I've loved and still love you without a price tag. So it's not that I love you but I am in love with you. We're not all expressive, some say it as it is while others don't.  Click 2 Well I've already accepted to not give up, to be there when there's nothing to make me remain and at the same time remain committed to you because I believe that someday you'll not just see how much I love you or feel it but I'll see it from you when am down and just the sight of it will make my heart plunder deep into tears of